Horse Box Courses

There are three main licence categories that horse owners are required to gain, which are based on the size and style of your horse box.

B+E Licence

This is needed to tow a single horse box behind a normal car with a combined weight of over 3,500kg.

C1 Licence

This is needed to drive a purpose built horse box between 3,500kg and 7,500kg in weight when fully loaded.

Cat C Licence

This is required to drive a purpose built horse box that weighs more than 7,500kg, whether loaded or unloaded.

If you gain your Cat C Licence you will automatically be entitled to drive any of the licences mentioned above.

Horse box courses are available UK wide at a location near you.

To get qualified and start driving, all you need to do is:

1. Call us on 0800 622 6159
2. We`ll organise forms and documents for you
3. Choose a date to attend your 5-day horse box training course and pass your test.