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5 myths about HGV driver training


There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding HGV driver training. So we thought we’d address some of these common myths and provide you with an accurate picture of what to expect when you embark on your driving course with HGV Express.

Myth #1: It’s difficult to get on a training course

You don’t need any qualifications to train to be an HGV driver other than to be over 18, hold a UK driving licence and be eager to learn from the best in the business. 

HGV Express training gives students a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of professional driving. The training is in two levels, Category C and Category C+E. A Category C licence entitles you to drive any rigid vehicle with a trailer under 750kg. A Category C+E licence allows you to drive any rigid vehicle, including those with trailers over 750kg. Assessment is in simple, straightforward, steps. And, with centres throughout the UK, HGV Express make it simple to train for your new driving career.

Myth #2: The medical is scary

The law requires HGV drivers to be in a suitable state of health in order to control their vehicles on public roads. That is why every new driver must undergo a medical exam and be re-examined every time their licence comes up for renewal.

This is not as intimidating as it may sound. After all, you are not being assessed for an SAS mission! There is no training or preparation that needs to take place in advance. It is just a simple check-up that will give you and the DVLA the necessary reassurance that you are fit to drive.

Myth #3: It’s sexist

While female HGV drivers are undoubtedly in the minority, there are more and more women taking up a career behind the wheel of a lorry. Of course, the small number of women drivers means they are sometimes on the receiving end of a double-take now and then, but, like in society in general, people are now far more accepting of women doing any job they are qualified to do.

Indeed, women are being welcomed into the career. Truck stops and working conditions are female-friendly. And, while many of the old breed of drivers –  male, white and pushing 60 – are approaching retirement age, drivers from every part of the community are being actively courted by haulage companies.

Myth #4: There are no jobs at the end of it

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. The shortage of drivers is a national crisis! Haulage companies are bending over backwards and digging deep into their pockets to attract new drivers.

As the economy continues to grow, there are plenty of driving jobs available for people working locally and internationally. Some European nationals living and working in the UK are choosing to return home after 2016’s Brexit vote, which has created even more vacancies for qualified drivers.

Myth #5: It’s expensive

The cost of training depends on the type of licence you wish to obtain, and any additional specialist training naturally adds to the overall fee. One thing is certain, you can receive expert training for your new career for a tiny fraction of the cost of studying at university or college.

At HGV Express, we offer a ‘Train now, pay later’ package that makes training easily available to anyone who'd rather pay monthly. And, of course, once your training is completed, there is loads of well-paid work for you to take advantage of. Well-trained drivers can expect to earn a good salary, and as your experience increases over time, so will your earnings. 

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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