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Acquiring your HGV driving licence is not easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. But it is something you can achieve if you have the right qualities and the right level of determination. There’s a lot to learn, but with our help, you can take the fast track to success and get you licence in as little as a week.

Effective resources, efficient techniques

At HGV Express, we believe our trainees deserve the best tools for the job to complete their training course quickly and successfully. As such, we are constantly updating our resources to include the latest tuition methods. This means using modern technology as well as the tried and tested traditional methods .

Students can work at their own rate and, when we feel they are ready, we’ll put them in for the test. Often, the whole process can be completed within several days. With an up-to-date fleet of well-maintained vehicles and a team of skilled instructors, we ensure you obtain the best training in the shortest time needed to gain your licence and begin your HGV-driving career. With one of the highest pass rates in the UK, you can rest assured that the HGV Express approach will work for you!HGV Driver Training

Professional training, personal service

Some providers take a one-size-fits-all approach to their training, where all courses follow one particular style of learning. This results in slow, inefficient training. We, on the other hand, offer tailored training to perfectly suit your individual needs. So, whether you want to drive a forklift or an articulated lorry, an oil tanker or an ambulance, you’ll receive fast effective training that perfectly addresses your needs.

Helpful staff, friendly advice

One of the frustrating aspects of driver training is the paperwork. Exams must be pre-booked in advance and all the administration completed correctly, otherwise the whole process will be delayed. That is why, at HGV Express, we take care of all the form-filling. We make sure no unnecessary obstacles come between you and your licence.

Similarly, our highly experienced team are always happy to offer advice to expedite your progress. Whether it be regarding the most appropriate licence for your needs or specific issues about the course, nothing is too much trouble to help you achieve your goal without a hitch.

With a licence acquired with help from HGV Express, you will be well-prepared to slip straight into your first HGV-driving job. We can even help speed up that process too. With our vast industry knowledge, we’ll be able to ensure your fast-track training is followed by fast-track career progression!

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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