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Become a fully trained forklift driver in a week


Learning to operate a forklift is quicker and simpler than learning to drive a lorry – and at HGV Express, we can give you the forklift skills you need to advance your career in as little as a week. 

There are numerous types of forklift, and our training covers all the key categories, including the ‘reach forklifts and ‘counterbalance forklifts’ commonly used in warehouses and delivery depots. Reach forklifts are suited to confined areas where there is a need to access high-level shelving. Counterbalance forklifts, on the other hand, are ideal for moving goods around, loading and unloading in large storage yards.

Why bother with forklift training?

Many people think that, just because there is no legal requirement to have a forklift licence, they can simply learn on the job. However, forklift training isn’t about getting a licence – it’s about getting respect and a good job by knowing how to control a forklift like a professional. 

Forklift Training

Manoeuvring a forklift is not like driving any other vehicle. To begin with, a forklift is steered using its rear wheels, not its front wheels like is usually the case. Another peculiar feature is the forklift’s three-point suspension system. The three points are the two front wheels and a pivot point of the rear axle. This means a forklift that is in motion or on a sloping surface can easily become unstable, potentially causing damage or serious injury. Knowing how to operate within the physical limits of your vehicle is, therefore, essential. 

What is there to learn?

Unlike most vehicles, forklifts are not confined to the rules and limitations of road driving. So, for example, drivers may spend more time in reverse than going forward, and sometimes their load will completely obscure their field of view. As well as driving, there are the skills of loading and unloading to learn, and checking if the vehicle is in safe working order before getting behind the wheel.

Give your career a lift! 

You don’t even need a car drivers’ licence to get on the course – only a spare few days. Acquiring these valuable skills can take less than a week. Once you’ve had the appropriate training, you can enter the workplace ready-trained and ready to get to work. If you’re already an HGV driver, why not add forklift driving to your set of skills? It can come in handy when you can load and unload your own vehicle. Call HGV Express today, and next week you could be a fully trained forklift driver.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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