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Choosing the best HGV training


If you’ve made the exciting decision to drive HGVs for a living, your first step is to get yourself qualified with the necessary licence. But what should you look for when choosing where to get your training?


Instructors with experience and expertise


While it is important for your driving instructor to have practical experience gained from years on the road, it is also important that you are taught by a skilled teacher, not simply a driver. Ensure you are taught by a qualified instructor that is fully accredited and certified. This means they will be adept at explaining all aspects of the course, from theory to practice, along with a range of other important issues, such as health and safety.


A training company may have many instructors, and each one will have their own approach. So, if you've heard good things about a particular instructor, it’s okay to request to be trained by them when you make your booking.


A course that offers more than the basics


Your driver training should involve a wide range of knowledge and skills, and that requires a well-designed training programme and appropriate resources as well as the right instructors to deliver it. For example, some second-rate training centres use old vehicles for their training that do not reflect the recent advances in driving technology. 


Before you sign up for your training, therefore, you need to know precisely what the course will contain and what vehicles will be used. Don’t be afraid to ask. A reputable training company will be happy to provide you with all the details and let you take a look around their facilities before you commit to anything.


Value for money


Choosing a training centre is not simply a matter of registering with the cheapest one you can find. The cheapest training is often the cheapest for a reason (substandard instructors, inadequate course content, old vehicles…). What really matters is what value you will get for your money. While good quality HGV training is not cheap, it is extremely good value when you compare the cost with the money you’ll earn as a skilled HGV driver.


At HGV Express, our expert instructors provide you with first-rate training that covers every aspect of HGV driving. From basic manoeuvring to specialist skills, such as driving in hazardous conditions, we ensure you have everything you need to succeed in your driving career. We even provide financial assistance if you need it, to help you budget for your course. So if you want to drive HGVs for a living, give your career the best possible start with training from HGV Express.


Nadeem Vadva
HGV Express Blog Writer


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