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Driving up standards: How working conditions have improved for HGV drivers


The road haulage industry is a vital part of the UK economy and continually evolves to keep its place at the forefront of freight transport. Here are some of the ways HGV driving is leading the way.


Diversity among HGV drivers


The stereotypical image of a lorry driver is changing. Where once you would struggle to spot anyone behind the wheel of a HGV that wasn’t white, male, over 45 and, let’s face it, obese, modern truck drivers are more diverse than ever before. Whatever part of society you come from – male, female, gay, straight, black, Asian, any religion or cultural heritage – you’ll be welcomed into the HGV driving sector.


Women entering the profession, in particular, will notice how female-friendly the job of the lorry driver has become. From company policies to truck stop facilities, the modern haulage industry is designed around the needs of individuals, whatever their sex, race or religion.


Driver wellbeing


Compared to just a couple of decades ago, today’s HGVs are like deluxe devices, ingeniously designed and packed with technology that maximises safety and ease of use. Drivers’ cabs are relatively luxurious, with careful consideration given to the ergonomic design of everything from seating to storage compartments.


Employers are now much more aware of the importance of having a fit, healthy and happy workforce. So that means scheduling in regular breaks, rest periods and meal times.


New technology


Almost all the latest personal technology is aimed at keeping people in touch and entertained when they’re out and about. It has, therefore, opened up a whole world of possibilities for truckers out on the road. They can have effortless, hands-free conversations with virtually anyone on the planet; they can interact face-to-face with loved ones at home; and there’s more conversation, recreation and information to indulge in than they could manage in their entire lifetime.


Safer vehicles 


Modern HGVs are designed to optimise the driving experience, and that is no more noticeable than in the area of driver safety. From vehicle bodies built to minimise the impact of collisions to drivers’ cabs that eliminate blind spots, from intelligent braking to drift alert technology, today’s trucks are sophisticated machines at the cutting edge of innovation.


Rising wages


One of the ways the industry is trying to counter the ongoing shortage of HGV drivers is by increasing wages. The inflation-busting growth in drivers’ wages over recent years has resulted in an abundance of well-paid driving jobs on offer. And, qualified drivers with a good record can see their pay continue to rise as they gain experience.


To give your HGV driving career the best possible start, call HGV Express now, and soon you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of the modern road haulage industry.


Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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