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Get these driving jobs by upgrading your car license


HGV Licences aren't the only licenses you can get with HGV Express! 

Nadeem Vadva  |  16/07/2018

If you’ve looked at any list of job vacancies recently, you’ll have noticed there are a large number of driving positions on offer. And it’s the same, week after week after week. That’s because there is a huge, on-going shortage of commercial drivers. Whether transporting people, retail products, or goods for business – new drivers are very much in demand.

If you’re searching for a job and all you have is a car license, you may think these commercial driving roles are out of reach. Not true. They are all just a short training course away. At HGV Express, we welcome anyone who is over 18 with a UK driving license. After a course that lasts less than a week, you could be qualified to drive any of the following vehicles...



Forklift truck


Our training covers all types of forklift – including ‘reach forklifts’, which are commonly used in warehouses, and ‘counterbalance forklifts’, which are designed to move goods around storage yards. Although there’s no legal requirement to have a forklift license to operate a forklift, it proves to employers that you know how to control a forklift safely and professionally. Getting your forklift license is quick and easy. In fact, you don’t even need a car drivers’ license to get on the course – only a few spare days.



Minibus, Bus & Coach

busUpgrading to a PCV license (previously known as PSV) qualifies you to drive Passenger Carrying Vehicles. A PCV license is necessary for anyone wanting to drive anything from a minibus to a coach.

There are different versions of the licence, depending on what you choose to specialise in: a PCV D1 Minibus enables you to drive minibuses weighing up to 3.5 tonnes; a PCV D1+E includes a trailer weighing over 750kg; and the PCV D Single or Double Decker Buses, Coaches (including Bendy Buses) with Automatic and Manual is for an unladen weight not exceeding 10.2 tonnes.



Delivery Van

delivery van

Delivery vehicles come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the cargo. Delivery vans carrying large consumer goods, for example, will typically incorporate a mechanism for loading and unloading, and drivers will be provided with specialist training. Whatever your consignment, a Category C license permits the holder to drive any fixed-body lorry with a trailer weighing up to 750kg.





There is no difference between a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and a large goods vehicle (LGV). Since 1992, the EU’s LGV category has been used to refer to vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes – the same as the UK’s HGV category. Upgrading your car license to Category C+E license will qualify you to drive an HGV with a trailer weighing over 750kg. This is a quick step up from the Category C license. C+E vehicles are the ones commonly used for long-distance haulage and it’s the ideal license for anyone seeking the freedom and flexibility of the open road.



If you’re at all unsure which license and line of work is right for you, please call us for a no-obligation chat. We’ll explain everything you need to know about getting the right license for the countless driving jobs that are out there waiting for you; so contact HGV Express today!



Nadeem Vadva
HGV Express Blog Writer


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