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Getting your first HGV driver job


With haulage companies’ demand for new recruits far exceeding the supply of HGV drivers, newly qualified drivers will find there are plenty of well-paid jobs up for grabs. From local delivery drivers to long-haul truckers, there have never been more opportunities for qualified HGV drivers. So how easy is it for a driver fresh out of training to get their foot on the career ladder?


How important is experience?


Obviously, some driving jobs require a level of specialist know-how that means only someone with years of experience in similar work would be suitable for the role. And, for that reason, these jobs will be higher paid to attract the most suitable candidates. But even these experienced drivers had to start somewhere – and there are still many jobs open to new drivers with the qualifications you can obtain at HGV Express.


Driver recruitment agencies


There’s no limit to the number of job agencies you can sign up to, so you may as well get your name down with as many as possible. The more you register with, the more job offers you’ll have to choose between. When a driver is needed, it helps to be quick off the mark as agencies will often give the job to the first suitably qualified driver to accept it.


Taking the direct approach 


Once you’ve put together a decent CV that states your qualifications, any previous experience as well as your contact details, you need to get it in the hands of the people doing the hiring at all the haulage companies in your area. One way to get ahead of the competition is to hand it out personally and ask to speak to the relevant person. Even if you have to hang around a while, a quick face-to-face chat can be all it takes to give them the confidence to take you on.


Be prepared


When meeting a prospective employer, whether for an official interview or just an on-spec chat, it always pays to be prepared. Smart/casual clothing is usually fine, but make an extra effort to be clean and tidy as this will send out the right message regarding your character and your attitude to your work and your vehicle.

You’ll be asked about your qualifications and any work experience, so have it clear in your mind what you want to say. Often, they may ask you to put this information in a written form – so take your time to keep your writing neat and easy to read.


Driver development programmes


Many employers provide induction training for new recruits so they can instruct them in the way they like things done. Sometimes there’s ongoing instruction and support too, which gives new drivers the benefit of their years of experience. These development programmes may include instruction that goes beyond the actual driving to look at such things as the workings of the vehicle and the company as a whole.

The best foundation on which to build your new career is the expert training you’ll receive at HGV Express. Our highly experienced team don’t just get you through your test, we’re also here to offer advice to get your driving career on the road to success.


Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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