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HGV driving: Which route will you take?


Starting a career as an HGV driver is a big step away from the familiar routine of the nine-to-five. Being behind the wheel of a lorry is all about independence and freedom of choice at every step of your professional journey. Here are some of the ways HGV driving gives you control over your career.


Choose your licence 


There are a number of HGV licences, each of which allows you to drive a particular classification of vehicle. As long as you’ve got a valid UK car driving licence, your first step will be to upgrade to a Category C licence. This qualifies you to drive smaller, rigid bodied vehicles. Your training can either stop there or continue towards your Category C+E licence. This allows you to operate articulated lorries – the larger vehicles with a detached driver’s cab. These are the most common licences, but there are many specialist qualifications too, such as licences to drive ambulances, horseboxes and forklift trucks.


Category C and Category C+E licences are sometimes called by their pre-EU names, Class 2 and Class 1. We will explain the differences and help you identify the best licence for your needs. Then our expert instructors will take you step by step through the necessary theory and practice, so you emerge fully qualified for your new career.


Choose your employer


Once you’ve got your licence, it’s time to put it to use and earn some money. Most drivers choose to seek employment with an established haulage company. We can help you with all aspects of this process, from updating your CV to applying for suitable positions. There are a huge number of employers to choose from, from local delivery services to firms specialising in national and international transportation. The current shortage of HGV drivers means that haulage companies are crying out for new recruits to join their teams, so finding a great job should be no difficulty at all.


Choose self-employment


A freelance driver can provide a valuable service for many different haulage companies. As you’ll be registered as self-employed, you will pay less tax than a traditional employee and enjoy greater personal freedom – though you will not have the benefit of paid holidays and sick leave. Fortunately, the job insecurity many freelancers face is not an issue for HGV drivers. There is so much driving work out there that you’ll have more job offers than you can handle.


Whatever route you envisage your HGV driving career following, the ideal starting point is expert training from HGV Express. Our highly experienced team of instructors will not only help you get your licence, they’ll help you make the choices that ensure you achieve your personal career objective.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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