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How much do HGV drivers earn?


HGV driving is a career that requires a high level of training and responsibility. It is also an occupation that is in such great demand that haulage companies must compete to attract the best new recruits. As such, skilled drivers are rewarded with salaries that reflect their capabilities and the value employers place on filling their vacancies with suitably qualified drivers. 

A newly licensed HGV driver can receive up to £24,000, while an experienced driver can earn around £35,000 and more. Here are the key factors that decide the actual amount that will be earned. 

Permanent or freelance 

Qualified drivers can choose to go into permanent employment or operate through an agency. Full-time work pays a predictable salary, but, at a time when haulage companies are crying out for drivers, agency work can be equally ‘full-time’ and pay a higher salary. 

The distances being travelled 

Whether you make long distance deliveries across the continent, travel along the UK’s trunk roads, stick to a regular route, manoeuvre around congested city streets or shunt goods around a yard – the length and difficulty of your journey will affect the financial remuneration. 

The goods being transported 

Carrying oversized or hazardous loads pays more than transporting straightforward cargoes. The variety of goods transported by HGV is diverse. The most common loads include food, metal, chemicals, agricultural products, waste products, textiles, machinery, packages and so-called ‘grouped goods’, where several different types of goods are combined into a single load. 

Your location 

HGV drivers’ salaries in London tend to be higher than the rest of the UK, mainly due to the economic pressures that push all costs and wages up in the capital. Where there are more people and more business taking place, there’s usually more demand for haulage drivers – which means higher salaries are offered. 

The amount of experience 

In the early stages of your career, you will find your wages will increase as you gain more experience. Employers like to know their goods are in experienced hands and are willing to pay for the advantage of a few years’ practical know-how. New drivers simply need to prove their dedication to the job and their competence in the role, and they’ll soon reap the financial rewards. 

The level of training 

A higher level of qualification gives you the opportunity to earn more. For example, a Category C licence only allows you to drive smaller, rigid bodied vehicles, but a Category C+E licence allows you to drive larger, articulated lorries. A driver with the C+E licence, therefore, can expect to earn higher wages than a driver with just a C licence. 

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Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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