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How Technology Has Changed The Haulage Industry


With the iPhone having turned 10 last month, it got us thinking about how technology has not only changed the world but how it has also changed the haulage industry. As online shopping has increased in popularity over the last few years the haulage industry has had to use different technologies to keep up.


One of the biggest technological advancements that have changed the face of the logistics industry is automatic systems. The automation of the picking and packing process within a warehouse helps huge companies to get parcels out to customers much faster than before and helps to reduce costs significantly when it comes to having to pay more members of staff.

Tracking of goods

Technology has also helped improve the way in which couriers can track deliveries. The scanning of barcodes now means that couriers can instantly locate parcels, the delivery truck they are on and inform customers of when they should arrive at their destination.


The use of apps is ever on the rise, you can now get an app for everything whether it be food deliveries or to book an at-home massage. Apps have been big news for the transport and logistics industry too as it allows customers to have more control over their deliveries. With new apps being developed by companies, customers can now see exactly where their parcel is whilst it’s on its journey to them. This allows much less opportunity for parcels to go missing and gives a more direct focus on efficiency being at the core of the service a company deliveries.

So what does the future hold for the Haulage industry and its ever growing dependence on technology? UKHaulier recently published an article about how Robots are quickly revolutionising e-commerce order fulfilment and are fast becoming a major focus of attention for the large retailers. Robotics will soon become a key factor for retail businesses competing on cost-to-serve and speed of delivery for online orders. Many retailers are aiming for 15 minutes from click to ship – an ambitious target that can only be achieved using robots.

Uber wants its fill of freight

Taxi giants, Uber, recently announced that they are undertaking a new venture in the freight business. Uber Freight aims to mirror its practice used in their taxi service. Using an app (much like one Uber users already use) truckers will be able to find and pick up loads with a click. Uber Freight is also offering a quicker way of payment, promising the trucker to be paid within 7 days of drop off. Uber's latest venture only seems to be in the USA for now, however how long will it take for it to make its way across the pond?

Abigail Smith
HGV Express Blog Writer


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