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How to be a courteous HGV Driver


As in many areas of life, there has been a decline in recent years in the politeness motorists show each other. Despite sharing the same road, it seems drivers are less inclined to respect their fellow travellers as they traverse the nation’s highways and byways. However, we can all play our part in reversing this fall in standards. Here are some fundamental skills a HGV driver should bear in mind to make life on the road more pleasant for all of us and set an example for others to follow.


Remember how huge you are!


HGVs can be enormous – and cars can be relatively tiny. It’s not surprising, therefore, that car drivers feel anxious they might be hidden in a blind spot when a lorry driver carries out a particularly sharp manoeuvre. And when a group of artics are travelling along the motorway, car drivers can feel as if they’re invisible and liable to be crushed at any minute.


That is why it’s important to always know what is happening around you. Use your mirrors and don’t ever rely on luck. Check those blind spots and give other vehicles plenty of room.


Indicate in plenty of time 


Although using your indicators is a pretty fundamental part of driving, a lot of drivers forget that the point of indicators is to give other drivers time to react. They are not meant to be flicked on at the same time as you make your move. If you need to carry out a manoeuvre, always leave sufficient time and space for other drivers to see what’s about to happen and act accordingly.


Be careful where you overtake


HGV’s, especially when they’re limited to 50mph, can be a source of frustration to other drivers who are unable to get past and put their foot down. This is most annoying when one lorry pulls out to overtake another, then proceeds for several miles at virtually the same speed as the vehicle being overtaken, causing a two-lane tailback of irritated drivers. The worse example of this occurs when a lorry tries to overtake on a hill. So, think about your chances of success before pulling out into the overtaking lane and wait until a suitable opportunity arises.


Be tolerant of less-skilled drivers


Not every road user has the advantage of being trained by HGV Express (unfortunately). So, always presume other drivers may do the wrong thing. That way, you won’t be surprised if they do! And, when dealing with other road users, it’s better to give way rather than get angry. Always be patient and considerate, regardless of who is in the right. 


At HGV Express, we want you to be the best driver you can be. We know that driving courteously is safer and less stressful, which makes HGV driving more enjoyable for everyone. 


Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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