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How to be a successful HGV driving student


Other than to be over 18 and hold a UK driving licence, you don’t need any particular qualifications to train to be an HGV driver at HGV Express.

Nevertheless, a huge majority of our candidates pass first time. So what do our students get from us that results in such a high success rate? Here are four fundamental objectives that we instil in all our new recruits.

1. Know the facts

There’s a lot of new information for a trainee HGV driver to get their head around before they are ready for any of the theory or practical tests. So, to help students get the key facts fixed in their head, we take care to focus purely on what they need to know to pass the test. By concentrating only on what really matters, we help candidates retain the information they need to succeed. 

2. Learn by doing

There’s no better way to understand driving theory than to put it into practice. That’s why we encourage drivers to get behind the wheel of a HGV and put what they have learned to the test. The more time spent getting to grips with a vehicle in the real world, the better the driver will be. After all, you can read about reversing an 18-wheeler round a tight corner until your head aches and still be none the wiser, but once you actually do it for yourself, it’ll stay with you for the rest of your life. 

4. Be in control

At HGV Express, not only do we strive to get candidates through their test first time, we understand that we are preparing them for a new career. We want you to hit the ground running when you start your new HGV-driving job, so we work hard to make sure you feel fully confident in your abilities by the time you leave us. We don’t just churn out drivers, we create HGV professionals who have the confidence and abilities to take full control of their vehicles.

5. Keep your cool

Nothing is more likely to cause an accident than a HGV driver who panics. They might know all the theory and have years of practical experience, but that can all go out of the window when panic strikes. That is why we teach our students to remain calm at all times – especially when there is a threat of danger. A relaxed mindset is as important a part of driving as being able to manoeuvre a vehicle. And, it will ensure you get through your HGV driving tests without a hitch. 

When you take advantage of specialist instruction from HGV Express at one of our UK-wide network of centres, you’ll learn all these core skills and more. Get in touch now if you want to pass your HGV tests and enjoy a safe and successful driving career. 

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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