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How to stay organised (and stop your truck looking like a tip)


Busy schedules, piles of paperwork, essential tools, personal belongings, the technology you need for life on the road and many hours spent in the cab of your HGV – it’s no wonder that some HGV drivers’ cabs look like a chaotic mess.

Here are five tips to keep your vehicle well-organised and clutter-free.

File your paperwork in a folder

Compact, lightweight accordion-style folders are cheap and available from most supermarkets – and they provide ideal easy-access storage for all your receipts, invoices, vouchers, passes and any other important documents.

Hang an organiser on the seat-back 

These handy contraptions take up virtually no room in your cab, yet they provide the perfect place to store the smaller items you may need at short notice: gloves, cleaning equipment, torch etc. 

Inside the cab

Store larger things in a small crate

A small, sturdy plastic crate allows you to stand, stack or store all the things that would otherwise be sliding around the floor of your cab: CDs, DVDs, drinks, food, mobile tech... a crate will keep them all together and exactly where you want them. 

Keep all your tools together

It’s a good idea to have a few useful tools in your cab, but it’s no good if you can’t lay your hands on them when you need them. So store your tools in – you’ve guessed it – a tool box. And make sure you put them back there when you’ve finished using them. A secure toolbox stashed out of the way is also less likely to catch the eye of passing thieves than clearly visible tools left unprotected. 

Clean out the rubbish, regularly

Don’t let waste paper, apple cores and drink cans mount up until you need a shovel to clear out the mess. Get into the habit of taking the rubbish to a bin every time you step outside the cab. Even if you just bin your trash when you stop for fuel, that’ll keep it down to manageable (and hygienic) levels.

At HGV Express we teach our trainee drivers to take care of their vehicles – inside and out. A well-organised cab makes a driver’s work easier, safer and more enjoyable. So, whether you’re looking to become a short-haul driver or a long-distance trekker, we’ll teach you to take professional pride in everything you do, including organising what’s in your cab. Get in touch today and book your training at one of our UK-wide network of training centres.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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