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How to Write a Good CV.


So, you’ve achieved your HGV license so what next?

Well, it’s now time to start your brand-new career. To get the perfect job your CV needs to be up to scratch. Here are some pointers on what to include so that you get your dream job!

Contact Information.

Firstly, it’s extremely important that you include your contact information. This seems obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people forget to include these important details. However, don’t overload this section with loads of information, things you need to include are; telephone number (both if you have two), your home address and your email address. There is no need to include your age or marital status as these aren’t that important.

Personal Summary.

After your contact information, it is good to provide a personal summary. This is your chance to sell yourself to your potential employer. You need to talk about how you are perfect for the role of they are advertising. In this section mention your work ethic, how your previous experience has prepared you for this position and don’t forget to mention your love for being on the road!

Work Experience.

Now it’s time to include your previous work experience. This is best to do in reverse chronological order, this means starting from your most recent experience and working your way backwards. Include the company name, the dates you worked there and your position. This section is how you are going to prove that you have the skills to make it as a HGV driver. Even if you haven’t had any experience as a HGV driver before you can include what skills you have gained for other aspects of the role. For example, how your previous role meant you had to have good time management skills and can hit targets on time.


Another very important aspect of any CV is to include any qualifications you have. This means your end of school qualifications (GCSE’s or O Levels) any A-Levels or any BTEC/Diplomas you did and where you studied for them. You will also need to include the all-important HGV qualifications (Cat C, Cat C+E etc).

Other Important Things to Remember.

Things to take into consideration when writing your CV is to make sure that you double-check for any spelling mistakes or any grammatical errors. Including too many will hinder your chances of getting an interview as mistakes will make you look sloppy.

Another important thing to remember is that your CV is all about quality, not quantity. Ideally, your CV should only be 2 pages maximum. Overloading your CV will make your employer disinterested and bored and less likely to invite you to an interview. Make sure you include the good stuff and leave out anything that isn’t 100% needed.

Include all these things in your CV and you are sure to be asked in for an interview and onto the next step to start your dream job as an HGV driver!

Abigail Smith
HGV Express Blog Writer


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