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Life as a lorry driver


What do HGV drivers do? Well they drive HGVs. But there’s more to this rewarding and fulfilling job than that. The modern lorry driver is central to the effective running of a highly sophisticated logistics operation, transporting valuable cargo that, in today’s ‘just in time’ economy, must reach its destination on schedule. They are also the guardian and operator of a huge, highly advanced piece of machinery that can also double as their home for days on end. 

Safety: The primary responsibility of a HGV driver

Performing vehicle safety checks is the first duty of the day for every HGV driver. Whatever the time, wherever the location and no matter what time pressure the driver is under, it is essential to make sure the lorry and load are in a correct state before setting off.

Standard inspections include checking for any signs of damage to the vehicle, ensuring all fluids are topped up and that all tyres have sufficient tread and are the correct pressure. In recent years, it has also become necessary to check for illegal stowaways that might have slipped into the lorry.

By carrying out these preliminary checks, drivers are more likely to enjoy a smooth, trouble-free day’s driving and arrive at their destination on-time and unflustered.

HGV Lorry Driver

Cargo: Loading, transporting and unloading

Drivers do not always have to load and unload their vehicle, but at the very least, they should supervise the operation to ensure the tasks are carried out correctly. A properly loaded cargo will ensure a safe and stable journey ahead and a straightforward unloading once at the destination.

The type of cargo a HGV driver carries can literally be anything, from fuel to furniture, industrial machinery to agricultural produce. Depending on the load, the driver will receive special training so they know exactly how to go about loading, transporting and unloading the freight.

Driving: Freedom and independence

This is what attracts many people to driving as a career – the fact that it’s you and you alone behind the wheel. You are in control. You can listen to what you want, you can take a break when you want, you can enjoy the scenery… and there’s no distractions or office politics to spoil your enjoyment of the moment.

In recent years, new technology and government regulations have improved drivers’ conditions immeasurably. Drivers can access the internet, keep in touch with friends and family, and enjoy free time to stay physically and mentally fit.

When you train with HGV Express, our experienced instructors deliver in-depth training for all our students, including offering down-to-earth advice on what life is like as a lorry driver. HGV driving is an immensely satisfying career. If you think it might be for you, call us now to discuss your options.



Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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