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Mega Trucks, a Good or Bad Thing for Britain?


Mega Trucks are a common sight on the roads of countries like Australia and the USA. However, there is much debate among freight, haulier and transport groups as to whether we should introduce them onto Britain’s roads, with both sides campaigning the benefits and the issues that come with these massive machines.

Firstly, the facts. How big are these lorries exactly? Well the biggest HGVs can be in Britain now is just over 18 meters (60 feet) long and can weigh up to 44 tonnes. Mega trucks, if introduced, could be double that size! With truck dimensions being around 83 ft. long and weighing in at about 60 tonnes!

The Argument

Back in 2014 these massive trucks were introduced in Scandinavia. It has been reported that they have helped the growth of business as they have allowed the amount of goods being distributed to double whilst also lowering overall truck costs by 20%.

However, lots of groups are campaigning against the introduction of these large vehicles onto Britain’s roads.

Although Mega Trucks could double the amount of British distribution, environmental factors should be considered. In an age where transportation is becoming more ‘green’ conscious Mega Trucks would potentially increase the amount of pollution being emitted into Britain’s air.

As well as the risk to our atmosphere ‘against’ campaigners have also raised the question that Britain’s infrastructure would struggle to keep up. To accommodate the new 80 ft., 60 tonne Mega Trucks Britain’s roads and bridges etc would need to adapt to withhold and support these huge lorries. This would be costly and time consuming, campaigners argue.

So, what are the benefits? claim that since the start of their trial the use of Mega Trucks have saved up to 1 in 9 lorry journeys which has aided in the reduction of congestion on Britain’s busy motorways.

The Department of Transport have stated that the introduction of Mega Trucks or Longer and Heavier Vehicles will save over 3,000 tonnes of CO2 over ten years. Not only this, but the estimated benefits of having these bigger vehicles on the roads is about £33 billion over the next 10 years.

John Hayes said: ‘Lorries are the engine of our economy and this pilot scheme is helping hauliers deliver the day-to-day goods we need more efficiently. This is good news for consumers, a boost for motorists as it is helping cut congestion with fewer vehicles on the road and it is also helping the environment.’


There seems to be a valid argument for both sides, but what do you think? Should we welcome Mega trucks with open arms or keep them at arm’s length?

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Abigail Smith
HGV Express Blog Writer


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