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Here at HGV Express, it is our goal to help people achieve their dream of becoming an HGV driver. Hundreds of people enquire with HGV Express daily, interested in a career in the HGV industry and becoming a lorry driver. Many are keen on the idea of driving for a living, others want to earn more money for themselves and their family, while others are unhappy and want to change their current situation. We are proud to say we have helped thousands of individuals achieve their goal. But don’t simply take our word for it, below are the testimonials of four individuals who gained their HGV license with HGV Express and never looked back…


Mark White

“Prior to signing up with HGV Express I had three different food jobs catering, office cleaning and care work on weekends. My passion was in cars and I wanted to do something in that area. After passing my HGV theory and practical for my Class 2 license, I have since gone onto for work for Brakes in Reading. I know have done the right thing doing my Class 2 license with help from you guys and I really appreciate all you have done for me. Also, I have to say the money I am on now has made life so much easier, so I just have to say again know got to say a big thank you to you guys.” 


Nick Bridgeman

“My mate recommended HGV Express to me and I can see why. I started the HGV training in January to get my Class 2 (Category C) license and by the start of March I had already gained my HGV accreditation and I had a work placement with a well-known haulage company lined up. HGV Express even helped me to finance the whole course. What I was most impressed with was the attitude and willingness of the staff, they are head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you!”


Graham Parker

“I got my HGV Class 1 license with HGV Express and it couldn’t have been a simpler, easier process. The procedure was explained to me well and I had no reservations about signing up with HGV Express and getting my license with them. I did the training at a centre ten minutes away from my house which was a bonus and all my practical training was done very quickly. Big thank you to Chris especially, assisted me in improving my CV and was there to help me from the beginning of the procedure to the end. I have four interviews lined up in the near future. Thanks guys!”


Andy Wynme

"May I take this opportunity to say thanks for the superb service that I received from Michael. My previous career was in customer services (25 years) so I feel qualified to pass on this comment to you. Please convey my thanks [to him]."





Nadeem Vadva
HGV Express Blog Writer


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