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Rubbish Idea: New Highway Bins for Road Users.


UK motorists are being encouraged to throw their rubbish out the window!

Over the North West of the country, bright orange funnel-shaped are popping up around service stations.

Highways England have started a new campaign in an attempt to clean up U.K. motorways.

Starting on the M6; having been trialled for ten weeks in Winchester last year. The window height bins are a new way to functionally get rid of rubbish.

It appears that Highways England have noticed the ever-increasing amounts or rubbish and have created a user-friendly way to get rid of it.

Dotted along M6you’ll now find these orange bins at rubbish hot spots.

There are two types – the first 1.85m high and the second made for HGV drivers; it’s 2.2m high with a capacity of 120 litres!

The bins made for HGV drivers have a capacity of 50% more compared to the bin made for regular car drivers.

HGV drivers are some of the most needed and sought out employees in the country. Most HGV drivers are earning up to £700 per week. Find out more information here.

The idea behind these bins is that drivers will be encouraged to wait. Instead of blindly throwing items out of the window they’ll wait until they can pull up to a window height bin and throw their items of rubbish out of the window and into the bins. 

                             HGV Lorry pulling up to new orange funnel shaped bin

Throwing rubbish out onto the motorway is obviously incredibly dangerous. It can cause accidents, vehicle damage with pieces of rubbish flying out of cars at a high speed hitting windows and even at the very least can create long unnecessary distractions.

While you may think throwing out a takeaway drink cup isn’t doing much harm, you’re wrong. While it can be a danger to other road users, it doesn’t look nice and causes harm to wildlife. This is particularly the case in rural areas where animals are closer to the motorway at quieter times.

Over 40,000 sacks of rubbish were picked up in 2016, this number is only for the North West of the country as reported by Highways England.

The founder of Clean Up Britain has said that these bins are a 'low-cost gimmick' that doesn't actually solve the problem of litter on the highways.

We think that these bins are a positive step in the right direction to sort out the rubbish problem. Especially because they aimed at HGV drivers at the start. It's nice to see that the HGV drivers on the road are given special treatment.

Abigail Smith
HGV Express Blog Writer


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