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The Burning Question About The Safety Of Ping Pong Balls


A few weeks ago, I was none the wiser on the danger of transporting ping pong balls, the idea that ping pong balls are as dangerous to haul as petrol would have made me chuckle. However, after the recent news that the UN have finally ended their back and forth debate on whether they should be classed as dangerous good came to light, I decided to conduct some of my own research on the matter. After scrolling through various internet forums and watching my fair share of YouTube videos, here is what I found out.

2,538 ping pong balls can create an obscene fire.  After watching a YouTube video where some brave soul sets on fire 2,538 ping pong balls my attention was grabbed. Before watching the video, I was none the wiser to just how flammable ping pong balls are. Here is a link to video so you can check it out for yourself here 

The UN have debated this issue for a while now. Recently, the UN finally reached its verdict that ping pong balls should no longer be considered dangerous goods; however, they still need to be transported in special packaging. It would have been crazy to me to think that the UN, arguably the most important authority in the world, have been debating the fate of the transportation of ping pong balls for so long now. Now that the verdict has been made to not class them as dangerous goods, I must admit I’m not sure if I agree with them or not.

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