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The healthy habits of a HGV driver


At HGV Express, we don’t only give you the skills you need to be a competent lorry driver, we give you all kinds of advice that will ensure you enjoy a long and happy career.


Keeping your mind and body in tip-top shape is always important. And for lorry drivers, that means following good habits in three key areas: eating and drinking, sleeping and exercising.


The healthy drivers’ diet


You are what you eat – so if that involves a constant stream of high-fat, high-sugar snacks, you’re unlikely to be feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with burgers, biscuits and cans of coke as long as they are taken just once in a while and as part of a broader, more wholesome diet.


A good way to take control of your eating and drinking is to pack your own meals in advance. This way, you can fill your in-cab larder with plenty of refreshing water, crunchy carrots, nutritious nuts, flavoursome fish… and a whole variety of tasty treats. Making the move to healthier foods will make you feel great mentally and physically, which will make you a better, happier driver.


Make time for a good night’s sleep


A good night’s sleep is important for effective performance in any kind of work, but for the driver of a 11-tonne lorry, it is absolutely essential. A minimum of six hours of sleep is as crucial as the fuel in your vehicle’s tank.


This can be tricky when long journeys mean you have to sleep away from home, but with modern spacious cabs and a little forethought, you’ll be sleeping like a baby. For example, rather than having to acclimatise to a different nigh-time routine, why not maintain the same conditions as you have at home: bring the same pillows, duvet and teddy bear – or helps you drift off!


Move it! Get physically active


One thing that can make sleep difficult is a daytime that is mostly inactive. Sitting at the wheel all day may be mentally tiring, but it is hardly physically demanding. It is essential for your health and wellbeing to get some regular exercise. Whether it’s a few laps round the truck stop before lunch, lifting weights or a sequence of stretches and aerobic workouts, such as start-jumps – getting the blood flowing and the muscles working will do wonders for your physical and mental fitness.


There’s more to being a successful lorry driver than being able to operate your vehicle – you need to keep yourself in good working order too. And at HGV Express, you’ll receive expert advice in every aspect of this rewarding career.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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