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You may know someone who is a trucker, maybe HGV driving runs in your family, or possibly you’ve read about the great job opportunities for lorry drivers and want to find out more. So here’s a brief look at the practicalities and possibilities of becoming a lorry driver.


Get qualified with HGV driver training


Unlike many types of work, HGV driving isn’t something you can just try out quickly to see if you like it. It requires training to achieve the appropriate licence and gain the necessary experience to be able to slip into your new career with competence and confidence. 


While the prerequisites for all training courses are the same – a valid UK car driving licence and a reasonable state of health – there are different levels of licence for different types of vehicle. A Category C licence allows you to drive rigid bodied vehicles. A Category C+E licence allows you to drive articulated lorries. At HGV Express we can flow one course after another, so you can soon progress from car licence to Category C to Category C+E. We’ll help you with everything, from the initial paperwork to the job search after training has been completed.


The pros and cons of lorry driving


Being a lorry driver, especially one who travels across Europe to make deliveries and pick-ups, can be hard on family life as it inevitably means being away from home for long stretches at a time. However, new technology has made this problem a thing of the past. With modern mobile communications, it is possible you could spend more time speaking face-to-face with your loved ones than you would if you were at home!


The other obvious difference with most other jobs is that you are working alone, so can’t experience that office camaraderie.  Again, modern technology enables lorry drivers to enjoy the best of both world. You can chat and communicate with whoever you want whenever you want – but there isn’t anyone looking over your shoulder all the time either. 

At HGV Express’s nationwide network of training centres, you can be sure of high quality, intense training that will give you the skills you need without delay. With the help of our expert instructors, you can usually train to become an HGV driver in a week. This includes both the theory and practical parts of the course. So contact HGV Express now and you will soon be ready to take on a fulfilling and rewarding career as an HGV driver.


Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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