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Transporting Dangerous Goods


So you’ve got your HGV license and are excited to make the next step in your career!

The transportation of Dangerous Goods could be your next step. Toxic or explosive substances are transported across the UK and Europe all year round, you see the big petrol tankers all the time, right?

Delivering Dangerous Goods is often the next step for many HGV Drivers. The excitement of having more responsibility and the opportunity to broaden the type of delivery you can drive is very appealing to some.

To be able to carry out this type of HGV driving you need to get your ADR license.

An ADR license stands for European ‘Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road’. This license qualifies you to transport a variety of different substances which are categorised into 9 different sections:

1. Explosives

2. Gases

3. Flammable Liquids

4. Flammable Solids

5. Oxidizers and Organic Substances

6. Toxic and Infectious Substances

7. Radioactive Material

8. Corrosive Substances

9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances 

To achieve your ADR license, you need to carry out various training and theory tests which cover; dealing with emergency situations, security issues, basic first aid, fire precaution, hazard classification and modes of carriage (tanker or package). This training usually lasts about 5 days.

What’s the difference between tanker and package deliveries?

Well, tankers are lorries that have specialised tanks as their trailer (petrol tankers etc.), packaged goods are transported in HGVs which are clearly marked and use specific types of packaging to reduce risk.

So you’ve got your ADR license what next?

ADR license holders can now start looking for work which caters to the transportation of Dangerous Goods. Because of the added responsibility and potential risk, ADR license holders can enjoy a higher income with most Haulage companies offering salaries of over £35,000!

 Now that’s something to smile about! 


Abigail Smith
HGV Express Blog Writer


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