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What does it take to pass your HGV driving test?


There are two fundamental tests that every HGV driver in the UK must pass before they receive their licence: a theory test and a practical skills test. The good news is, here at HGV Express, we have a team of first-rate trainers to get you through the tests and on the road without delay.


The HGV theory test 

Every candidate must get to grips with the theory before they can get started with their practical skills. The theory test comes in two parts – Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception – which can either be taken at the same time or separately over two different sessions.

There are 100 questions in the Multiple Choice element of the test. Focusing on road safety and driving knowledge, they are similar to those in the car licence theory test, but tailored to the experience of the HGV driver. To pass, a candidate must score at least 85%.

In the Hazard Perception part of the test, candidates watch 19 short videos containing 20 potential hazards. The student is then asked 100 questions relating to what they have seen in the videos. To pass this part of the test, a score at least 67% is required.

Candidates are allowed to take the tests as many times as required in order to meet the standard. When both parts have been passed successfully, it’s time to move on to the practical part of the assessment.

The HGV practical skills test

After the necessary training has been completed, candidates face a two-part test taken in a single session at a designated testing facility. The two parts are: Driving Skills and Practical Demonstration.

During the Driving Skills part of the test, the candidate has to drive a HGV while accompanied by a DVSA tester, who gives instructions for the driver to follow. Typical instructions will involve common manoeuvres, such as cornering and braking. The tester will note any faults that occur during the session. To pass, there must be fewer than 15 minor errors and no serious transgressions.

For the Practical Demonstration, candidates must show they understand operational and safety issues regarding their vehicle, including knowledge of all legal and regulatory requirements. To pass, the driver must answer at least 80 out of 100 questions correctly covering five separate areas:

  1. vehicle loading,
  2. cargo securement
  3. illegal immigrant trafficking
  4. emergency situation assessment
  5. walk-around safety checks.

At this point, you would be forgiven for thinking that passing your HGV test sounds rather difficult! Well, fear not. It’s easy – when you’ve got expert help on hand to make sure you are fully prepared to take on anything the examiner can throw at you.

The skilled instructors at HGV Express will take you step by step through the theory, practical work and assessment, so you will emerge fully prepared and confident to take on your test and pass with flying colours.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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