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What makes a great HGV driver?


If you’re considering a career driving HGVs, you need professional instruction to acquire your licence. But what about the personal qualities a training course can’t provide? Here are some of the characteristics often found in the kind of person that will thrive in the HGV driving industry. 




Personal freedom is part of the appeal of HGV driving, especially long-distance driving. The chance to be alone in the cab, with sole control over your driving and your vehicle is something many office-bound workers envy. If you’re the kind of person that needs conversation and a busy workplace in order to get through the day, therefore, you may struggle with only yourself for company. Depending on your perspective, driving all day and sleeping in your cab at night for days on end can either be a lonely experience or a welcome opportunity to enjoy your independence.


Spatially aware


If you are inherently in tune with the three-dimensional world around you, manoeuvring a large vehicle in tight spaces will come naturally. Whether navigating your way along narrow streets, or anticipating hazards such as street furniture or pedestrians, it helps to be spatially aware. Of course, with effective training and a little help from modern technology, most drivers soon get the hang of knowing what’s going on around their vehicle.


Technically literate


You don’t need to be a mechanic, but when the unexpected happens (as it always does) it helps to have a reasonable technical understanding of your vehicle. Even more importantly, these skills can help you recognise potential problems before they occur, so you can take pre-emptive action and save the time and expense of a lengthy delay while repairs take place. Being able to carry out simple repairs, such as changing a bulb or replacing a fuse, makes life on the road a lot easier.




If your blood pressure rockets every time another driver does something daft, a career on the road could mean you are regularly blowing your top. As well as not being good for your health, this is not good for your driving. A HGV driver needs to be able to manage their anger. Expecting poor driving from others and giving them plenty of time and space, for example, means it is not a shock when something untoward happens.


If you think you have what it takes to be a HGV driver, then we’d love to talk to you about training. If you’re not so sure about some of the points, don’t worry. As well as providing first-rate training for you to get your licence, we’ll give you the benefit of our years of experience – so you’ll begin you career with the knowledge and know-how of a seasoned professional.


Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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