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What to expect on your HGV training course?


The first day of your HGV training course is the moment it hits you that your dream is about to become a reality. It can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re at all in the dark about what getting your driving qualification entails. So here’s an overview of what to expect when you embark on your training course with us.

The training

At HGV Express, we’ve got the talent and resources to give you driver training of the highest quality. Our qualified instructors take you through every detail in a thorough, unhurried way, making sure you have fully understood one element of the course before moving on to the next. With years spent driving HGVs for a living themselves, our instructors don’t just teach you the essentials, they set you up for a successful career on the road. 

The tests

The multiple choice theory test

Like a normal car theory test, the HGV theory test is designed to check you know your highway code. It’s a multiple choice examination with 100 questions. As well as familiar Highway Code questions, there will be quite a few that relate specifically to HGV driving.

The hazard perception theory test

This test involves watching recordings of real-life scenarios. You’ll be shown 19 videos, each containing 20 potential hazards, and you’ll have to answer 100 questions based on what you see. Mostly, this is a straightforward ‘spot the potential problem’ test.

The driving skills test

This is where you get to demonstrate your driving abilities. You’ll take your vehicle along a designated route with a DVSA instructor in the cabin and be expected to brake, corner and manoeuvre safely according to how you have been trained.

The practical demonstration test

This test is a chance to show your knowledge of relevant safety and legal issues. You will be asked 100 questions on the following areas: vehicle loading, cargo securement, illegal immigrant trafficking and emergency situation assessment. You need to answer at least 80 questions correctly to pass. Both of the practical sections are typically conducted as a two-part test at the same time.

What next? 

Once you’ve passed the tests and qualified as an HGV driver, we can offer advice on finding the best jobs for newly qualified HGV drivers. There are loads of well-paid driving opportunities for good drivers. And if you’ve qualified through HGV Express, you’ll have the advantage of first rate training to help you make the most of what’s on offer.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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