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HGV Express has been helping people to achieve their dream of becoming an HGV driver year after year. Established in 2011 it was a company whose goal would be to provide lorry driver training courses and help people attain their HGV license without breaking the bank. And since that moment, HGV Express has grown, becoming the UK’s leading provider of lorry driver training courses. We have had extraordinary success, helping over 3,000 people realise their dreams and we have no plans to slow down in 2018 and beyond.


We have HGV training centres nationwide, ranging from Southampton to Edinburgh, so location matters not. Requiring only a 1% deposit to get started, we aim to ease the finance side of things and make the process as simple as possible. There are two types of licenses available Class 1 or Class 2. Throughout your training, our team of specialist advisors will be there every step of the way. We will help you book your medical, theory and practical tests as well as provide you with expert instructors who will guide you through your practical training. You will have your own unique username and password to practice theory questions online prior, meaning you go into the theory test fully prepared.


HGV Express has had incredible success with a 92% pass rate on all our HGV courses. This enables hundreds of people to successfully complete the course each year, entering the solid, stable and financially rewarding career of an HGV driver, where salaries can start from £32,000. Financially we aim to help you in every way possible too. So many prospective drivers are turned off to the idea of training when faced with the cost of training. But with HGV Express’ ‘Train Now Pay Later’ finance plan to make training available to those who'd rather pay monthly, a small initial payment of £33 is all that is needed to get started. Furthermore, our pass protection insurance plan means that you're able to receive refresher training and a retest free of charge, taking away the pressure of having to pass the first time.


So that is just about everything about us, and with hundreds of customer testimonials informing us how happy they were with the service and their decision to train with HGV Express, we are hoping you decide to do the same. Give us a call and let’s change your life for the better today!




Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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