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Which HGV training course is best for me?


Every would-be HGV driver wants to find the best HGV driving course to help them succeed in their new career. For a complete novice, it can be hard knowing where to start. So here’s a quick guide to working out exactly what you want and where to get it.

What sort of licence do I need?

The first question to ask yourself once you’ve decided to pursue a career driving heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) is: ‘What kind of HGV do I want to drive?’ It’s important to be clear from the outset as not all large vehicles require a special licence to drive. 

HGV licence exceptions cover a wide range of vehicles, from industrial tractors to some road construction vehicles. You can see the full list of exemptions here. Most HGV drivers, however, do require a special licence.

The basic requirements for all training courses is a valid car driving licence and to be in reasonably good health. With HGV Express, you’ll soon upgrade to a Category C licence, which allows you to drive smaller, rigid bodied vehicles. We can then continue your training so you can obtain a Category C+E licence, which allows you to drive larger, articulated lorries, with a detached driver’s cab.

For both Category C and Category C+E licences, candidates must pass both theory and practical tests. HGV Express covers all aspects of the training: full preparation for your theory as well as expert practical driving tuition.

Category C and Category C+E licences are still sometimes referred to by their old names, Class 2 and Class 1. Our specialist trainers will explain the sometimes mystifying language used in the haulage industry and get you through the entire process of achieving the licence that’s best for you. 

Which training is best for me?

HGV Express is one of the leading providers of lorry driver training courses in the UK. We offer our trainees full support right from the start. This includes everything from the initial paperwork and preparation before the training begins to obtaining your first job.

We’ll provide you with all the necessary support and documentation for you theory revision. Following that, we’ll get straight on with the practical training. Despite the large amount of valuable information we pass on to you during your training, this part of the course usually takes no longer than a week.

Then, it’s time to start your new career. The HGV job market is overflowing with vacancies – and the HGV Express recruitment team are here to help you find the best opportunities for you.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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