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Why are there so many jobs for lorry drivers?


The UK economy is completely dependent on the road freight. Without HGVs travelling the length and breadth of the country 24/7, business would soon grind to a halt and store shelves would soon be empty. That is why it is essential there is a constant flow of skilled HGV drivers to keep the economy moving. However, the fact is, haulage companies are seriously struggling to find drivers to fill their vacancies.

So, what has caused the number of HGV driving vacancies to increase so much?

More HGV drivers are turning in rather than starting out

A large proportion of today’s driving workforce joined the industry in the 1960s and 1970s, which means they are now hitting retirement age. The steady flow of driver’s hanging up their keys has turned into a deluge – and they are not being replaced fast enough to maintain the numbers.

Growth in the road haulage sector is accelerating

Not only do we need drivers to maintain the current numbers, we need additional drivers to fill the jobs generated by a rapidly expanding road haulage sector. There are more haulage companies than ever and, with the opening up of eastern European economies, their marketplace has enlarged dramatically over the last two decades.

Brexit has put the brakes on EU nationals

The value of the pound fell following the 2016 EU referendum and has remained low ever since. The consequent drop in income combined with the uncertainty the Brexit vote created for many EU nationals working in the UK, has led to an exodus of European HGV drivers from the country’s roads. This has removed another layer from the already depleted HGV driver workforce.

Regulations are raising the bar on entering the profession

In years gone by, the road haulage industry could offer drivers some flexibility regarding the vehicles they drove. Increased legislation, however, has made HGV driving a profession where drivers are trained specifically for certain roles. This reduced flexibility, has made training crucial to enjoying a successful career behind the wheel.

So, while there are a multitude of driving vacancies available, the key to unlocking these jobs lies in training. At HGV Express, we provide expert instruction in all aspects of HGV driver training – including Category C (lorries over 3,500kg with a trailer up to 750kg) and Category C+E (lorries over 3,500kg with a trailer over 750kg). Once you’ve got your licence, you’ll have no difficulty finding well-paid work. We’ll even help you find the best job opportunities.

Frank Black
HGV Express Blog Writer


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